These days, knowing what to eat can be so confusing. A diet says one thing, a doctor says another, and the market we shop in bombards us with new products and supplements to try. And then another diet. And then another theory. Have you ever just wanted to sort it out once and for all? Or are you suffering from a health concern that has been ongoing for years?

Our highly trained holistic health and nutrition counselors
can help nationwide.

Our approach at the Art of Living Wellness Center works on multiple levels:

  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Healing
  • Support

Through 3 - 6 month transformative nutrition programs, done by phone or in person, we listen and address all of your health concerns. This starts with the most overlooked root of health problems - your diet. Whether it be mood swings, weight loss, pregnancy, skin issues, depression, digestive disorders, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or just plain preventative health, our programs help you to greatly expand upon what you know, and develop a highly attuned awareness of your relationship to food and your body. This valuable learning serves you for a lifetime.

You learn how to cook quick and easy whole foods meals in our virtual and local cooking classes; how to shop for high quality foods without busting your budget; how to intuitively learn what your special needs are; how to discern what you are told is healthy, versus what truly is healthy; how to use food as a tool in meeting the needs of your life; how to identify and cook a large spectrum of whole, natural foods; how to treat illness and imbalance with food; and much, much more.

The one on one counseling aspect of the program also creates a highly supportive environment to make gradual changes to your diet and lifestyle.

When the diet changes, everything changes. Join us in our unique health program that will lead you into a beautiful, transformative journey of health, education, and most importantly, fun!

The first session is always free. To fill out the health history online, click here.

Sound unreal? Trust. Journey with me.


Your life will never be the same.