Resources about why RAW milk, safety, and where to find it

For those with lactose intolerance, here are some links about mainstream dairy and the ill effects

Everything you Need to Learn Raw and Live Raw

Biomat Health
Information about the
Amethyst crystal Biomat can be found here. The Biomat is an FDA licensed medical device that uses far infrared heat through amethyst crystals. Has been used to heal pain, tension, hormonal imbalances, and much more.

Crystal Quest Water Filter
What are you doing for drinking water? If you are drinking tap, using a Brita pitcher, or buying bottled water, consider a water filter. You get better quality water at a better price - and do better to the environment (no plastic waste) and your body (no nasty chemicals leaching into your water.) To read more about the dangers of water bottles, click here.
I recommend this company from the research I've done on water filtration. Great prices and a great product.

Crystal Quest Water Filters

Great Olive Oil Source:

Alhambra Valley Olive Oil: Hand picked premium olives, exclusively from the Alhambra Valley Farms' own olive groves, yield superior quality, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. Grown with sustainable farming practices, our oil is perfect for cooking, salad oil or just for bread dipping. I hope you enjoy our oil as much as we enjoyed growing, pressing and bottling it at our beautiful olive groves.
Tom Powers, Producer

Healers I recommend

KC Baker - Sacred Sensuality and Intimacy Coach

Kelly Larson - Yoga Instructor and Transformational Coach


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Windsor Dairy (Windsor, CO)
We are a veterinarian owned, certified organic, Grade A dairy that offers raw milk cow shares from grass-fed cows. Products available: Raw milk, yogurt, cream, butter, cottage cheese, eggs, chickens, beef, tallow, beef liver, beef bones... Drop off points in Boulder. (This is the one we use.)

Guidestone Farm (Loveland, CO)
Guidestone CSA Farm and Center for Sustainable Living is a project of TSC that is a fully diversified working organic farm with vegetable garden and livestock, demonstrating sustainability economically and environmentally. Drop off points in Boulder.

Johnsons Acres Farm (Brighton, CO)
Johnson's Acres was founded in 2004 by Annelis and Kenny Johnson. We started Johnson's Acres in our quest for raw milk and all around healthier natural/ organic food for our family. We are a natural farm and use no hormones or antibiotics (must be life and death).Johnson's Acres provides top-notch Natural: Raw Milk/ Eggs/ Raw Milk Cheeses/ Kavass/ Cream/ Beef (limited supply)/ Kombucha Tea and great customer support. We strive to provide the best possible products that are Hormone/Antibiotic Free.

Ebert Family Farm (Byers, CO)
Here at Ebert Farms we raise Boer Goats for meat, Chickens for eggs, a primarly Jersey cow herd for milk, and Pigs for meat.
Everyday our 30 Dairy cows range on about 500 acres of grassland along the Bijou Creek. We milk these "girls" twice a day and provide the milk raw to shareholders in our herd. At our distribution site, we offer local honey, certified organic buffalo meat, farm fresh eggs, cream, yogurt, raw butter and cheese.

Ranch Foods Direct (Colorado Springs, CO)
I highly recommend this source for beef - its hormone and antiobiotic free, grass-fed, and delicious! The sirloin is very affordable. You can order meat online, but if you're in Colorado, call Gene at 719-593-1955 to order to get a potentially cheaper shipping rate.

Larga Vista Ranch (Boone, CO)
Tending their land for 80 years, they provide raw milk, grass-fed beef, pork, and organic vegetables. Lard available.

Natural Choice Dairy (Johnstown, CO)
A farm specializing in raw goat milk. Shares available.

Isle Farms (Ellicott, CO)
Another great farm where you can become a shareholder and have access to raw cow milk, raw goat milk, and eggs.

Prarie Natural Lamb (Strasburg, CO)
Raising lamb the old fashioned way, allowing ewes and lambs to graze on open pasture. Tender, flavorful meats. Available summer through fall on a first come, first serve basis. You can reserve with a deposit.

Rockin J Cattle (Longmont, CO)
Selling grass fed beef. Value packs available.

Grin and Barrett Emu Ranch (La Porte, CO)
Selling pure Emu oil and USDA inspected Emu meat. Contact Lola or Reeney at 970-484-7035.

Leistikow Farms (Lafayette, CO)
Selling ostrich products. Contact 303-926-6973.

North County Farm (Fort Collins, CO)
Goat milk share dairy. Shares are $35/month which includes 1 gallon of milk a week. Contact Katherine at 970-568-3315.


Abbondanza Farm (Boulder, CO)
Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce hosts a 20 week community supported agriculture (CSA) program which offers the most diverse selection of organic produce and herbs that the Colorado Frant Range soils and climate can support. Abbondanza is a seed to seed farm focusing on traditional and heirloom varieties and local adaptability. We strive to push our standard beyond organic creating a highly diverse selection of nutrient dense food which supports local ecology and community.

Red Wagon (Boulder, CO)
Red Wagon Organic Farm is located 15 minutes east of downtown boulder. The land has been certified organic for 10 years. We sell vegetables at the Boulder County Farmers Market as well as our farm stand at 95th and Arapahoe in Lafayette. We also sell to several local restaurants.

Cure Organic Farm (Boulder, CO)
Cure Organic Farm is a small family farm located on the high plains of Colorado. We grow over 90 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers using both organic and biodynamic methods. Cure Organic Farm raises 150 pastured free-range hens that produce the freshest eggs around. All of the food we grow is distributed with in 30 miles of where it is grown. We host a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, offer high quality produce to several restaurants, elders in need and sell at the farmers market in Boulder.

Pachamamma Farm (Longmont, CO)
We strive to provide our customers with the freshest, most delicous produce possible. Our farming practices include high quality compost, Biodynamic preparations, and mineral rich irrigation waters. We love our work and take pride in knowing that we are helping to nourish our friends and Pachamama, "Mother Earth".


Boulder County Farmer's Market(Boulder, CO)

Slow Food Boulder
Recognizing that the enjoyment of wholesome food is essential to the pursuit of happiness, Slow Food USA is an educational organization dedicated to stewardship of the land and ecologically sound food production; to the revival of the kitchen and the table as centers of pleasure, culture, and community; to the invigoration and proliferation of regional, seasonal culinary traditions; to the creation of a collaborative, ecologically-oriented, and virtuous globalization; and to living a slower and more harmonious rhythm of life.

Vitamin Cottage
Welcome to Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers, where our first mission is nutrition education. In addition to 2,000 national brand products at deeply discounted prices, you can also find health tools, news and feature articles, and healthy recipes.

The Kitchen Cafe (Boulder, CO)
Located in one of Boulder's beautiful landmarked buildings, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The Kitchen carefully manages the sources of ingredients to ensure only the best quality. Wherever possible, we try to stay organic, natural and local. This allows our dishes to be straight forward and uncomplicated. From simple dishes like seared sea scallops with pea puree in the spring, to a lamb cassoulet in the winter, our ingredients do most of the talking.

Other Great Links

Center For Food Safety

Stay up to speed with governmental policies around the safety of our food. The Center for Food Safety (CFS) is a non-profit public interest and environmental advocacy membership for the purpose of challenging harmful food production technologies and promoting sustainable alternatives. CFS combines multiple tools and strategies in pursuing its goals, including litigation and legal petitions for rulemaking, legal support for various sustainable agriculture and food safety constituencies, as well as public education, grassroots organizing and media outreach. Its great to get on their mailing list and support them in their petitions to protect the future of our food supply.

Local Harvest
The freshest, healthiest, most flavorful organic food is what's grown closest to you. Use this website to find farmers' markets, family farms, CSAs, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.

Organic Consumers Association
An online and grassroots non-profit public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children's health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. If you want to learn more about organics and be educated on cutting edge issues around food, check out this site.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Check out the Health section for informative articles on
the connection between diet and major health concerns.

The Grace Factory Farm Project
The GRACE Factory Farm Project was established to
eliminate factory farming in favor of a sustainable,
economically viable and environmentally sound
agricultural sector. This site is very informative and
filled with great articles - but like they said, don't
overwhelm yourself with all the info! Check out The
Guide   to Confronting a CAFO - it's great!

WestonA.Price Foundation
A great resource for articles, regional raw dairy and high quality meat resources, and more.

Great Seaweed Resources
Ryan Drum is a seaweed guru, he's my favorite source
for seaweed. He wildcrafts it on a remote and pristine
island in Washington state.

Mothers for Natural Law
Leave it to a group of righteous women to get the word
out on genetic engineering! This is a great site for
information on the dangers of GE foods.
Check out the "creative resistance" to Food page!

Truth in Labeling
"The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
about MSG"

The Organic Trade Association
The mission of the Organic Trade Association is to
encourage global sustainability by promoting diverse
organic trade. This site gives you the low down on the
facts around organic.

Well Being Journal - Online Articles
Information to help you live well and heal yourself

Real Goods
Products for an ecologically sound future.

Body Mind Spirit Directory