Jennifer Baccellieri is the director of The
Art of Living Wellness Center, and a
board certified holistic health counselor,
herbalist, columnist, and lecturer. She
studied ancient healing traditions and
nutrition in the Southwest, India,
Central and South America.
She holds a B.A. in Holistic Health from
Long Island University, Friends World
and has further developed her
healing skills at The Institute for
Integrative Nutrition
and The South
west School of Botanical Medicine
. She
is a member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
Jennifer works with clients nationwide to address the root causes
of their health concerns through whole foods, herbs, and lifestyle


Jennifer's Story:

I began my own personal healing journey while doing my undergraduate degree. I had the unique opportunity to live and study abroad with shamans, curanderos, and gunis documenting the traditional ways of health and wellbeing. It was powerful to study and observe these modalities, yet I found in the meantime that my own health suffered.
I was struggling for years with weight issues, eczema on the webs of my hands, sweet addictions, and food allergies. I wrote my thesis on traveling the world using holistic medicine, and decided I wanted to undergo furthur training to get to the roots of my own health issues. I went on to a graduate school for herbalism and holistic nutrition. Finally, through applying what I learned, I lost 20 lbs, cleared the eczema completely (my doctor told me I‘d have it for life and my only relief would be steroidal drugs), and I was able to integrate healthy foods into my lifestyle with ease. I have since been trained to do the same for others. I was on staff at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, opened my own wellness center, developed a line of herbal teas and cleanse products, and continue to write for health magazines, teach, and see clients. What an amazing and transformative journey it is. I’d love to have the chance to share with you these amazing tools and support you in your path to balance.