The holistic health and nutrition program is available nationwide via phone.
I have taken great care to develop an effective way of delivering the
health programs via the telephone and Internet.

Working by phone has many advantages, including:

  • Flexibility to do the program from wherever you are at the

  • Guidance in creating a warm, healing environment in the comfort of your own space
  • Ability to go into your kitchen, and in some cases, start
    cooking, during our call
  • No commuting time

How does it work?

We meet by phone twice a month for one hour. At the end of our sessions, I
e-mail your personalized recommendations. In addition to the health
counseling sessions, I further support you in your healing journey by sending monthly meal plans to experiment with cooking new foods, articles, recipes, handouts, and exercises.

Throughout the course of the Program, we can use sessions for optional activities like a kitchen consultation to help you create a sacred and fun kitchen space, or a tour of the health food store to demystify unknown foods and answer questions about what to look for and avoid (cell phone required.) I have also developed ways of teaching self-care & relaxation exercises over the phone, so that nothing that people receive in person is left out for clients working by phone.

Finally, distance clients receive monthly personalized care packages, including books, tapes, magazine subscriptions, herbs, cooking tools, food samples, and self- care materials. And you always have access to me between sessions via email for added support.

Are you ready for a personalized health and nutrition program, from the comfort of your own home?

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