The 6 month Program is a personalized holistic health and nutrition
wellness program that combines nutrition counseling with awareness
and improvement of the other major factors in our life and health
including relationships, career, exercise, spirituality, and
overall joy in life.

Usually, when we have a health condition or something isn't going smoothly in our lives, we are used to thinking that the solution and healing comes from outside of ourselves. We take a pill, or we go to a doctor to fix us, but rarely are we aware of our role in the manifestation of these issues. Hence, our condition goes on unresolved, or at best, muted.

Prozac creates the illusion that everything is under control. Vitamins give us a sense of peace that we are nourished. But what would your life look like if you had guidance in addressing these issues honestly and developing a lifestyle that embraces vital eating habits, freedom from maddening cravings, and an overall feeling of balance?

To tap into your brilliance, wisdom, and power to gradually change habit patterns that have been feeding your dis-ease for years? To switch your perspective from relying on external things to change to an understanding of the internal changes one must make to truly heal? To embrace self-love, patience, fun, and commitment, rather than the usual approach of denial, guilt, shame, and self-sabotage?

This process is what doctor's don't have time to do. As we get busier and busier, it is easy to overlook the simple things. Within our hectic lifestyles, it becomes harder and harder to slow down and bring awareness and clarity to our health issues. And yet, it is fundamental to achieve the qualities of well being that we all want - abundant energy, level moods, weight loss, radiant skin and hair, and just plain feeling good.


The 6
Month Holistic Health and Nutrition Program includes the following:

  • Two one-hour sessions a month with an emphasis on deep listening,
    inquiry into one's health issues, personal development coaching, and support.

    Includes a full set of notes, exercises & detailed recommendations.
  • Monthly guidance on whole foods cooking, including meal
    plans and recipe sheets.
  • Kitchen organization consultation to help you create a sacred
    and fun kitchen space
  • Personality testing
  • Stress reduction exercises and tips
  • Health Food Store Tour to demystify the unknown and
    answer questions about what to look for and avoid
  • Full support between sessions via e-mail
  • Monthly care packages which include a variety of books, tapes, foods, herbs, samples, self care tools, relaxation tools, a personalized workbook, magazine subscription, and other materials to help move you forward

    Holistic health and nutrition programs are offered in 3 and 6 month increments.

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