"Jen is one of the few people I know that has a gift for truly
listening. She also has the insight to see through words into
what you may really be feeling or thinking. She is a caring person
and has a sincere conviction to healing others which is evident in
her counseling sessions. I look at myself differently now and I'm
learning more each day. "
-Kathy, Business Consultant

"My natural energy cycles are in balance after you helped me cut
out refined sugar, and I no longer experience long hours of fatigue.
There is so much more to cooking and baking then butter, milk,
and white flour. There are rich and wonderful things, endless
ways to bake an oatmeal cookie. Thank you for the invaluable
knowledge and support you've given me. I'll never be the same!"
-Jennifer, Artist

"I am proud to say that this is the first holiday season that I did not
gain any weight - I actually lost one pound! I enjoyed every
traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas foodstuff, however, I
enjoyed my healthy daily eating even more. It was nice to see that
they were compatible and I never felt "deprived" or that I was
"dieting" or that I was "bad". All the negatives have been erased as
I have replaced them with positive eating choices and I love those
choices! I hope others are as fortunate as I was to begin this
training for life - a healthy reparative life. My only regret is that I
didn't know you sooner. Take care, God bless you in your
endeavors to help others."
-Lynda, Human Relations

"Working with Jen is a great way for anyone to improve not only
their diet and nutritional health but to see how much our physical,
mental, emotional, and spiritual selves are interconnected. When
we improve one, the others follow along. The 6 month program is
worth the time and money and working with Jen makes it worth
even more!"
-Louise, Nutritionist

"The 6 month program helped me to pay attention to my personal eating
habits and choices. I have spent most of my life following someone else’s
diet plan or eating plan and got to the point where I needed to merge all that
info into a personal awareness of what worked for me."
-Lisa, Teacher

"What I most liked about the program was the caring and help
Jennifer gave me, the advices, the concerns, and knowing that she
really wanted to see me heal. Sugar is out of my life and now I
understand how it works. I don't have cravings. I'm not binging
on food like I was before. I have more energy. I'm back in control
of my life. I would recommend the program to anyone with a food
addiction as a way of looking at the whole picture and finding out
where to start changes in their life. Sometimes it's not just food and
this program hits on everything. It's just great!"
-Sue, Gardener

"Jen creates a wonderful space and program to ground yourself and
actualize repressed ideals, those visions of health and creativity
under the decaying leaves of mindless eating and living patterns
that no longer serve your intentions. My experience with Jen gave
me a sense of emergence through clarity, self-empowerment, and
-Cydney, Mother and Writer

"My life is different now because I have the knowledge to make the right
choices about my food issues. I also have a greater ability to see where
and when I need to focus on me and let everything else go for a little while.
I have resources and ways to improve my sense of being which I didn’t have before."

-Isabel, Mother